January 19, 2019

Dos And Don’ts To Get A Mix Right The First Time 

Mixing music can be great fun if you have a clear idea where to start with and where to go. However, things may get chaotic when you move from one track to another. This is a challenge that every newbie and even seasoned musicians come across.

Not doing it properly can cause a waste of time and resources and leave you discouraged as well. Hence, it is always better to be well-prepared before you jump into music mixing. Here are a few dos and don’ts that can help you to get your mix right on the very first time:

1. Do have clear goals. Starting directionless is perhaps the biggest mistake that you can make. It is good to have clear goals regarding the type of mix that you want to make. Whether it will be an intimate vocal or high-sounding drum can make all the difference in your approach. You should have a core point to begin with and then build the mix around it.

2. Do invest in the right equipment. For a beginner, it is essential to invest in the right equipment before you get down to business. Have your budget chalked up and do some research on the best in speakers, microphones, monitors, and all other instruments that you want to buy. Check online reviews such as https://prostudiogear.com/rockville-asm5-5-studio-monitor-speakers-pair-review/ before you actually buy equipment. Quality stuff guarantees great mixes.

3. Do understand the significance of acoustics. When you establish your mix space, pay attention to its acoustics because it has a considerable impact on the quality of music you produce. Working in untreated mixing rooms, for example, can lead to glitches such as phase-smearing reflections and low-frequency buildup. Make sure that you understand how the studio affects the acoustics and treat it to resolve the anomalies, if any.

4. Don’t mix unless you finalize your edits. Seasoned musicians will never recommend mixing unless your edits are finalized. Laying groundwork is essential to get a successful mix and it is all the more important for the beginners as they are more likely to make mistakes. Remember that it would be best to edit before you mix rather than try doing it on the fly.

5. Don’t pump up the monitor volume. When you think that you are going on track, turn down the volume rather than pumping it up. By doing this, you will be able to identify the parts that are out of context. This gives you reality check on what real listeners would experience and whether they would like it or not. You can go through pro studio gear to know more about studio monitors and how they work.

6. Don’t mix with tired ears. Mixing two sessions closely or just after you are out of the production phase is not recommended because you will be doing it with tired ears. Chances are that you will not be able to do it objectively as hearing similar music over and over can cloud your perception. Give yourself enough time between two sessions so that you can start fresh.

These handy dos and don’ts can go a long way in helping you to create the most amazing music mixes even if you are just a beginner. Simply follow them for creating awesome music! 

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