January 3, 2019

Rebeccafashion Guide: Winter Hair Care

A lot of girls nowadays are using additional things to add more to or accentuate their overall look. Like for example, eyelash extensions and hair extensions are the popular ones that we add to our body to make us feel more confident and beautiful. I myself is a great fan of eyelash extensions and I want to try hair extensions as well especially those ones from Rebeccafashion. But I know there are lot of things that it entails to maintain these kinds of extensions so I've done some research.

Winter weather can be unpredictable, but there’s one thing that you can always expect; sadly, cold and dry weather always spells trouble for hair (both hair extensions and natural hair). There’s so many bundles deal for hair extensions and I know you’re tempted just like I am to try them out but you’re clueless on how to care for them during the cold season. Each and every year, we are all reminded of this fact when our hair frizzes out, gets brittle and straw-like, or refuses to hold any shape whatsoever in cold weather. 

Thus how do we take care of hair extensions especially during the winter time? They need special attention because the dry and cold air can be especially harsh on your hair and your hair extensions. Just like your skin, winter can cause your hair to dry out. So, what can be done to alleviate the damage and restore hair balance for all those holiday parties and pictures on the horizon?

To care for your hair extension and your regular hair too, switch up your shampoo and conditioner. Like many other people, we tend to use the same type of shampoo and conditioner all year-round. But did you know that you should actually change up the type of shampoo and conditioner that you use when the weather change during the winter time to account for how the winter weather affects your hair. Look for the ones that are extra hydrating. 

You may want to purchase shampoo and conditioner that is specifically designed to hydrate your hair during the winter time; these types of hair products will help combat against the cold weather that takes the moisture out of your hair and makes it feel and look drier during the winter months. Hydrating shampoos and conditioner are known to help with locking-in moisture to your hair, making it feel and look softer and full of life.


 You should also probably cut back on drying or using heat directly to your hair. Since winter weather conditions already make your hair drier than it needs to be. You don't need to add to that by drying your hair out every day. Try to cut back on how often you use other heated hair tools as well, such as a straightener and curling iron. Or you can use hair extension bundles with closure which you can dry and style without subjecting your own natural hair to damage

If you want your hair and your hair extensions to look great this winter, change how you would also treat your hair. Aside from changing up the shampoo and conditioner and cutting back your use of heat directly on your hair, it would also be advisable if you increase how often you use conditioner on your hair. DO it everyday and then on weekends use a more intense deep conditioner that you can buy at the drugstore or at the supermarket. Even on the days where you don't get your hair wet at all, you should apply a spray-on or leave-in conditioner to your hair.

Following these tips will help ensure that your hair and your hair extensions look as natural and lush as possible and all winter long.

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