January 30, 2019

5 Ways To Become A Successful Travel Blogger This 2019

Surprisingly you don’t need to go traveling to become a successful travel blogger! What you do need is the ability to write about places you’ve been in the past or even the place you live. Of course, if you’re an adrenaline junkie and have visited the top 5 extreme travel destinations then you already have something to write about. The question will be whether you can stay still long enough to be a travel blogger. Here are 5 ways you can become a successful travel blogger this year, perhaps you can even be in the top 15 travel bloggers next year!

1. Read First
Whether you’ve been to a destination or not you will probably not have seen everything it has to offer. You can glean many additional facts from books and blogs that have already been written. This will help you to put together a unique travel blog. You also need to read about marketing and any other books that appear relevant to your field. You can get inspiration from a book and learn the writing styles that work.

2. Be Unique
You may be daunted by the number of travel blogs already in existence. However, it’s not the number that matters, it’s how well written they are. When creating your travel blog you should always write about a place with a unique angle and take the time to be grammatically correct. This will help to make your blog stand out from the rest. Of course, any facts you quote must be accurate. You should be aware that 80% of travel planning is completed through the web with 33% of people looking to travel blogs for advice.

3. Invest
You can’t make money without investing some. Get the professionals to design your logo, build your site, even create video content for you and look for the best website hosting. They are the experts for a reason and your blog will appear much more professional thanks to their efforts. This will translate into consumer confidence and customers. You may be surprised at how much a little investment can help your travel blog to grow and reach the desired audience.

4. Narrow It Down
Competition isn’t an issue if you are consistently offering quality writing and something that the other travel bloggers aren’t. However, the more you narrow down your niche the lower the level of competition. This will make it easier to attract people who are genuinely interested and who are likely to buy your product/service.

5. Have A Product
You can build a following create fantastic posts about the amazing places you’ve visited. However, to generate extra funds and make travel blogging your job, you also need to consider monetarizing your blog. This can be done through paid ads, affiliate links or by selling your own product; which could be an e-book or a travel souvenir/map.

While you can make money from sponsored content and potentially get paid to visit places, creating a successful blog this ay will leave you in charge and flexible. Don’t forget, people want an independent, local feeling view of a destination; that’s why they are coming to your travel blog and not the massive companies; they need to feel connected to you and your experiences; this will help them to believe that the same thing can happen to them.

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