January 12, 2019

A New Take on Fusion Dishes at Alter Ego

There are so many definitions of “alter-ego” that you can find on the internet. Meanings can be both good or bad. Some describes it as a second self which is believed to be distinct from a person’s normal or true original personality. Some say that a person who has an alter ego leads or lives a double life. 

Other definitions describe an alter ego as an intimate and trusted friend. It is maybe a person to whom you are so close that he or she almost seems like an essential part of you and who understands your unique perspective on the world. 

None of the meaning above really define the fairly new restaurant in New Manila Quezon City which bears the same name though. But Alter Ego may have taken that name because It derives its menu by the combination of many unique individual elements of cooking styles and cuisines from many sources around the world. 

Alter Ego’s menu is composed of original; and distinctive dishes formulated by its three owners who happens to also be chefs by profession. The dishes are basically fusion dishes. But what sets them apart from other restaurants is that they do not stick to one particular cuisine and mix it with another or few others. It maybe Asian with European cuisine or from both continents or region. The chef/owners tried different dishes to combine and find which ones will work. 

Even the restaurant itself is also a fusion of sorts. It is very sophisticated and well-decorated. Outside you would find colorful murals depicting very Filipino imageries. Inside is modern, contemporary and minimalist with decors which mostly are the owners’ personal mementos of their local and international travels. It may look intimidating; but it’s one of the coziest places you’ll find in the area. 

Now let’s get on with the food. We sampled the following dishes: 
Fish Cake - Salmon, tuna, and spices rolled in panko bread crumbs lightly fried in melted butter, and topped with sriracha aioli and mango cubes. This fish cake is all sorts of flavors and texture in every bite. A great appetizer all in all.

French Onion Soup Gyoza - French onion soup over ground beef and caramelized onion gyoza, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese. This one is an odd combination of French and Japanese cuisines but worked well. Every one of us liked it especially that it had cheeses. Best eaten while still warm to experience the full flavor of both elements.

Twice-cooked Pork Belly - 6-hour sous-vide then grilled pork belly, ratatouille and buttered basil rice. Fried Pork belly is famous in most Asian countries while the ratatouille is a popular French dish. The pork was really juicy, tender and tasty. 

Chicken Pandan on Paella - Thai chicken pandan on chorizo paella rice with red curry aioli, sesame soy sauce, and pickled green mango on the side. I love Chicken Pandan, one of my fave Thai food. Paella is a Spanish dish on the other hand. I liked the unique combination of both and the two went really well together.

Devils’ Curry - seared chicken sautéed potatoes and Portuguese-Malay curry sauce, south east Asian chili, herbs and spices spiked with vinegar as traditionally concocted. This was good but too spicy for my liking. 

Coconut Mango Gateau - contains coconut milk, Bavarian cream, mango gelatin, desiccated coconut, rum, and biscuit-type sponge. This cake brings together French baking techniques with Filipino or tropical fruits mango and coconut. This was light and had just the right amount of sweetness.

Banana Pandan Croissant - caramelized banana and coconut pandan cream in buttery croissant. Another French pastry combined with South East Asian and/or Filipino fruits. Just like the Coconut Mango Gateau this was truly fun to eat as it is as light and sweetness is just mild.

If you’re looking for something new to try or just looking for a warm and inviting place for your next titos and titas of Manila get together. Alter Ego can be one of your newest option.

41 Dona Hemady Corner 1st St., 
New Manila, Quezon City
Contact Nos: 02-6226109 / 02-7178033 
Email: alteregomarketingph@gmail.com

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
Alter Ego Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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