January 31, 2019

Lorenzo's Way BGC High Street Central

We have had the opportunity to read so many poignant stories about everyday people coping with the realities of death in inspiring ways. These stories demonstrate how grief can produce something remarkable. Loved ones are driven to do something extraordinary in memory of another, whether to work through their loss or to show the world how special the person was to them. But it’s rare to hear about a restaurant being created in honor of someone.

Tributes are an expression of appreciation and can be represented in so many ways. They may focus on the positive influence of a person on our lives or focus on their accomplishments. In many cases both topics are combined. Tributes can also celebrate the success of a group, a business, or an organization, rather than an individual. We honor heroes through building a statue or naming a structure or street after them. Or we make a montage of pictures or a short film for a loved one who passed. Some are more grandeur than others, just like the creator of the Taj Mahal. Emperor, Shah Jahan commissioned it to house the tomb of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal.

Lorenzo's Way is a happy tribute to the man behind some of the country's finest restaurants for over a quarter of a century: Café Adriatico, Bistro Remedios, Café Havana, Abe, Larry's Café & Bar and Fely J’s Kitchen. Acknowledged then and now as the pioneer in theme and concept restaurants, Larry J. Cruz created - Solana, In the Mood, Bistro Burgos, Bistro Lorenzo, Prego, Ang Hang, Afrodisia, Africana, Mil Noveaentos, Camp Gourmet and Bollywood.

Larry J. Cruz was instrumental in shaping Philippine café society. He introduced well-loved Filipino dishes to the world with his Manila in Georgetown, and Café Adriatico, Hong Kong. Larry, as he was called by all his friends, was a journalist, a publisher, and a restaurateur. His love for food and the joy of sharing it with friends he got from his father the eminent writer, editor and painter Emilio "Abe" Aguilar Cruz.

I went for a visit at their BGC High Street Central for a dinner catch up with one of my previous officemates. I was telling her about how good LW’s Spanish Chicken, for ages and finally she will be able to try it. I’ve been to this branch before and looks like nothing has changed; still looks the same since I last dined here.

We started our dinner together, with our conversation, with a bowl of Camote chips which was a gratis dish. These were super crispy and addictive. By the time we were about to half the chips all our orders arrived. We got the Spanish Chicken, Callos, Rice and Claude’s Dream for dessert.

I’ve always loved the Spanish Chicken (Lorenzo's Ways boned chicken baked with garlic cloves and olive oil) at from Lorenzo’s Way. I was told before that this is one of the myriad variations of the adobo dish. I love that it has so many baked garlic and that they used chicken thighs. The chicken thighs were juicy and pretty tasty. I had to pick one garlic and put it in every bite that I make.

And I really really love the bold flavors it gives. I love it so much that I always try recreating this dish at home. I don’t bake the chicken and the garlic though, well sometimes. But most of the time I just cook the whole garlic cloves with the chicken from the start. My friend loved it too, the Spanish Chicken always delivers!

Another dish that we had is Callos. It is a Spanish-Filipino dish made from ox tripe, tomato sauce, chorizo de Bilbao, ham, garbanzos and other spices. We found this dish under the appetizers on the menu so I wasn’t expecting too much about its portion, yet I was surprised that it was ample enough to feed at least two people plus it also came with toasted bread. But as for us, we ate with rice, alternating this with the Spanish Garlic. It is actually so good, ahhh the melts-in-your-mouth beef tripe and ox feet meat with thick, flavorful, and slightly-spicy sauce was such a pleasure, my friend and I ate more than we should.

To cap up this catch up dinner we went for the Banana-Chocolate Volcano which is a Baby Bundt cake topped with roasted bananas, smothered with chocolate ganache and served with coffee cream sauce. It's superb! Super chocolatey and the cake was super moist. My friend and I both loved it!

Many things have been written and said about Larry J. Cruz's legacy and his life's work but always "style" and” taste” - are two words that come to mind when describing his way of doing things. For him the good life was living well, always within one’s means with things one loved most: old and buffed wooden floors, a good painting in a quiet frame, a good book, family photos in silver frames, a good cigar, great tasting wine, a worn area rug, good fitting clothes, and most of all good manners, discretion, civility, and always with consideration for others. I must say, all those are very evident with the dishes that one can enjoy at Lorenzo's Way.

Level 2, C2, Bonifacio High Street Central,
7th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Contact No: 02 2469069 ext:970
Website: http://ljcrestaurants.com.ph
Facebook: facebook.com/LorenzosWayPH/
Instagram: instagram.com/lorenzoswayph

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