January 24, 2019

RebeccaFashion Guide: Romantic Valentine's Day Hairstyles

In three weeks’ time it's already Valentine's Day! Although I am someone who really doesn't celebrate Valentine but I love giving something out to friends on this day. Whether you are in a relationship or a single lady and if you happen to be going on a Valentine's Date with a special someone or just with friends don't fret and make the best of that day by looking your best.

Even if it’s a single-ladies night out with your best friends, going out on a fancy or if your hanging at home cooking a special dinner and doing a Netflix and Chill night with your boo, there's no reason for you to look drab. Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit is quite hard and so as the hairstyles that will go well with your OOTDs. But I'm going to help you out in this area for this week's hair guide. I have put together a variety of looks for women of all ages and for this special occasion.

Here are some hairstyles that you can easily do for your V-Day affairs:

Sleek Ponytail is a classic, clean and sophisticated look that is an all time favorite of celebrities nowadays. It’s the signature look of Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Zendaya and Nicki Minaj. And even Ms. South Africa during the Miss Universe pageant wore it. But theirs is not just any ponytail, they wore it long. And for sure they used remy human hair extensions for that super long hair, I mean who will grow their hair pass their waist long like that right? You can get the look by brushing and combing your hair out; then apply a generous amount of hair gel around the circumference of your hair. Now then you gather your hair and use a tight hair tie to secure a ponytail on the top towards the side of your head. Take your hair extensions and wrap it around the ponytail making sure that they are lying flat.


Messy Beach Waves, ahhhh, beach waves, probably my most favorite hair styles of all. It’s no fuss yet looks so stylish. We usually know when you hear the term beach waves you think of the summer or warm weather, but I just think about natural, breezy, free-flowing hair. As light and fuss free as this hairstyle may seem it can be very challenging for those of us who have super straight hair or unmanageable curly hair. And as much as possible we don’t want to use heat and a ton of products on our hair but I couldn’t agree more that you can still rock this awesome beach wave look for Valentine’s Day. 

They look even better if they are ombre colored hair beach waves. You can go traditional by trying this look with a curling iron; separating your hair into medium sections, and use heat resistant products on to the parts of your hair then wrap each sections of your hair around a curling iron and leave it on for a few seconds. Once that part of your hair is curly, proceed with doing this step until your whole hair is curled up. Then take your fingers and lightly comb them through your hair, this will make the curls appear lighter and less tight.


The Sexy-Sleek-Slicked Back Hair is such a killer. You have probably seen this hairstyle on the red carpet; but you don’t have to be a celebrity so just you can sport it. Slicked back hair exudes a level of confidence and classiness, the reason being that the hair is off of your face and showing that pretty face of yours. You can get the look by applying a lot of hair gel and water for this style. Wet the sides and top of your hair with water and once it is damp enough, go ahead and add hair styling gel. When adding gel be sure to brush back to prevent the gel build up on top of your hair. You can now brush your hair and do that while blow drying your hair in an up motion to create volume. Just make sure to blow dry the sides of your hair too and smooth them to the back of your head.

Another classic style that you can pull-off is the Milkmaid Braids. It’s totally so charming especially if your braids wrap around your head like a silky halo. It looks great on just about any face shape and in almost any condition. You can even do a messy-tousled milkmaid braids or you can go for the super polished one. If you don’t know how to braid, you can look for tutorials online and I’m telling you they are pretty easy to learn and to do. And once you know how to do it, you’ll probably won’t get enough of it and will do it most of the time. 

It’s a super classic look that complements anything and anyone! There’s no better time to practice doing braids than during the stretch of time between Valentine’s Day and spring; so, play up your romantic side with braids. If your hair is thin though, you can use some additional help by using hair extensions and you can get them at RebeccaFashion just in time for Valentine’s day since they are having a Pre-Valentine’s Day Sale on their website. 

From braids to buns to free-flowing hair, you’re bound to find something that you will definitely like to sport on Valentine’s Day. I hope you love these hairstyles, as these styles work on many hair types. You’ve just got to be bold and confident enough to pull it off so, don’t be afraid to give it a try.

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