January 26, 2019

BHF Hair to Rescue for Your Hair Problems

For around two decades I have sported my hair long that sometimes it reached up to my waist. And just last quarter of last year, I just decided on a whim to cut it short, as in above the shoulders. My hair at that time doesn’t look and feel healthy anymore because I have subjected it to years of torture by way of constant dyeing; heat exposure using blow dryer, hair straightener and curling iron on a regular basis and sometimes other chemical treatments like rebonding and Brazilian blow dry.

These things caused my hair to lose the luster it used to have years before I started doing these things to my hair and the damage is so obvious. That is probably one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to cut it short even though I really didn’t want to. I liked how it turned out because it’s something new that I’ve done in years.

A few weeks after cutting my hair short, my photos from years before started appearing on my social media newsfeed memories and I saw myself again with long hair, and suddenly I missed my long hair and how I look better with long hair hahaha! I also noticed that my hair grows super slow after cutting it short. I want my long hair back asap. But there’s no way I can grow it back abruptly unless I try using remy clip in hair extensions. You know for when times I want my long hair back for when I attend a special event or something.

  Price: $317.41  In stock. Usually ships within 4 to 5 days. Ships from and sold by BHF HAIR. 26 Sizes: 16 18 20 22+14 8 10 12 & 8 from 1 seller 8 10 12 14 $130.73 16 18 20 22+14 $317.41 10 12 14 16+8 $215.74 12 14 16 $39.99 12 14 16 & 10 $209.77 12 14 16 18 $187.54 12 14 16 18+10 $246.08 14 16 18 $63.99 14 16 18 & 12 $214.15 14 16 18 20 $212.56 14 16 18 20+12 $276.42 16 18 20 $77.99 16 18 20 & 14 $242.36 16 18 20 22 $245.56 18 20 22 & 16 $280.69 18 20 22 24 $280.69 18 20 22 24+16 $363.18 20 22 24 $97.99 20 22 24 & 18 $343.08 20 22 24 26 $347.67 20 22 24 26+18 $447.98 22 24 26 & 18 $380.92 22 24 26 28 $396.97 This item does not ship to Philippines. Please check other sellers who may ship internationally. Deliver to Philippines Qty: Turn on 1-click ordering Add to Cart Add to List Share  Facebook Twitter Pinterest BHF HAIR Malaysian Hair 4 Bundles Body Wave with Closure Human Hair Weave Extensions 15" Remy Human Hair Clip in Extensions for Women Dark Brown(#2)

Remy clip in hair extensions are one of the best-selling hair extensions around. Their easy to install and doesn’t do damage to your hair because you can clip it when you need it and then unclip when you’re done using them. Plus, remy hair is considered to be the high quality of human hair extensions where the hair's cuticles are kept intact and always going in one direction. Moreover, remy hair is a high-quality hair that lasts up to a year and blends very well with your own hair.

 BHF 20'' HighLight (T1B/27#) 140g Clip In Hair Extensions 100% Human Hair BHF 14" Ombre Ash Blonde(T2/18#) 85g Clip Hair Extensions 100% Human Hair Clip In Extensions Double Weft

I’ve gone from black to brown to ash and I've been in the area of tip-toe-ing whether to keep my current hair color though. Sporting an ash blonde hair takes a lot of effort, since it is easier to notice if there's damage there or all these baby hairs springing through my head.  I also want to try having ombre colored hair but I am afraid if I do bleach my hair, they will be so damaged that they will all just fall off. Good thing is that there are available hair extensions clip in human hair where these hair extensions are pre-dyed already so no fear of damaging my own hair.

Good thing that I have found so many places online where I can get high quality hair extensions just like at BHF Hair. If you’re curious about hair extensions too, you might want to check them out too by clicking on their sites and social media below:

BHF Hair
Website: https://www.bhfhair.com/
Aliexpress Store: https://is.gd/nA8equ
Amazon Store: https://is.gd/FJc9jI

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