January 21, 2019

Everybody Should Take Their Partner on a Romantic Getaway Sometimes

You can enjoy plenty of things with a group of friends and travel seems to be one of them. It is always wonderful to share a fun time with others while discovering new places and different cultures. However, having a special someone to appreciate all that, with whom we are looking to build a future, should be even more pleasant.

Some studies suggest that couples who go and explore the world together have greater chances to stay together for a longer period. I can imagine that because what could cement a relationship better than going on unforgettable adventures together and experiencing the same things? Of course, there are some obvious challenges to the partnership dynamics that can come from spending so much time in each other’s company and on the road. But whatever doesn’t kill you will make you both stronger.

When you decide on such a journey with your significant other, there are the questions of where to go and what to do. One easy idea would be to pick one of the many honey-moon/couple retreat resorts. There is no shortage of famous places like that situated in the most exotic locations in the world.

As far as the recreational part of it goes, there are plenty of activities during a trip like that. And since a lot of them tend to focus on the concept of being newly married, the offer is often tailormade to the couple's needs. The key point is to choose something to do together both sides enjoy: simple sightseeing, lots of physical activities and so on. If you cannot think of anything specific or don’t want to risk it, there is always a basic solution: you can start with entertainment provided by the resort or participate in organized tours as I did with the Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour in the Philippines.

Whether you are newlyweds, the young couple that just started dating or are in a long-term relationship, chances are you aim for something romantic. Naturally, Paris comes to mind almost immediately, and it’s no wonder why — it is a top place to go for such occasion. Other than that, there are many old and charming European capitals and smaller cities that are worth visiting and enjoying together as well, such as Copenhagen, Vienna, Rome, Bruges and Verona - known from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. Or even seemingly not that much appealing, nor especially famous, Reykjavik in Iceland.

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