January 5, 2019

Authentic Greek Cuisine at Kos Greek Ouzeri

Back in October of 2013 First Gourmet Academy opened up its first restaurant, Kos Greek Ouzeri. This restaurant is located in U.P. Town Center along Katipunan. The idea of this restaurant is to serve simply authentic Greek food along with wines and the traditional Greek drink Ouzo. The menu is based a lot on the small spreads and dips called mezedes that is very common in Greece as well as in other Mediterranean countries under different names.

Greek Cuisine is probably among the healthiest cuisines there is. Fresh vegetables, olive oil and cheese has been cultivated and produced in Greece for thousands of years. This also means that eating in a Greek restaurant like Kos Greek Ouzeri - you as one of our guests - will have the opportunity to step back in time and enjoy a meal that is not only healthy but also truly and simply authentic.

Kos Greek Ouzeri uses only the best local and fresh ingredients and merge these with imported extra virgin olive oil, proper Greek Yogurt and also Lamb butter. Kos Greek is the only restaurant in The Philippines serving authentic Greek yogurt and they are actually the only restaurant in Asia that has butter made of Lamb on or menu. Moreover all their breads are sour dough bread, made the old traditional way.

I visited Kos Greek Ouzeri with fellow foodies a month ago I think and we were treated with the following authentic mediterranean dishes:

Mezedez - these are traditional dips and spreads. Includes Melitzanosalata (eggplant), Tzatziki (cucumber), Hummus (chickpea), Artichoke Spinach Spread and Roasted Cauliflower and Garlic Spread. My favorite was the artichoke spinach and the hummus. All perfect with pita and or any other bread actually.

Keftedakia - meatballs with herbs and spices served with lemon and yogurt dip. I've always loved Mediterranean meatballs since it super flavorful because of the generous herbs and spices. You can dip these in Greek yogurt and in the other dips included in the Mezedez for added flavor.

Kos Salata - mixed greens with sundried tomatoes, dried figs, nuts, grapes and cheese. I love the mix of sweet and sour flavors in this salad. The sun dried tomatoes and dried figs were a treat to eat.

Solomos - grilled herbed marinated salmon with roasted vegetables and lemon oil. For someone who's a sucker for salmons, this probably is my favorite of all the dishes. I loved that the skin is crispy and the salmon meat still retained its sweet and creamy flavor and still moist and juicy too. I have always find lemon to be a great fit with salmon. I don't know but maybe it makes the salmon meat tastier?

Moussaka - potato and eggplant in layers with minced meat and bechamel. My favorite mediterranean dish because of bechamel sauce. This had generous amounts of bechamel sauce with I truly loved. IMO, this is your "healthier" version of lasagna. A must order!

Kotopoulo - herbed roasted chicken served with potatoes, and roasted bell pepper sauce. This was super tasty, smoky and juicy. I'm surprised with the bell pepper dip that it came with which actually worked well with the chicken and added extra smokiness. A better alternative to the usual dips or sauces that goes with other roasted chickens.

Chicken Souvlaki - this was everyone's favorite. This was really tasty packed with herby and smoky goodness.

Greek Pasta - tube pasta with roasted cherry tomatoes, feta cheese and herbs.

Avgolemono - traditional chicken soup with orzo pasta flavored with egg and lemon. A little bit on the tangy side but was definitely thick and creamy. Perfect to warm your tummy before you devour on the other Greek dishes that kos Ouzeri has to offer.

Galaktoboureko - custard pie with filo dough soaked with lamb butter. I like this better than the baklava as it tasted more like a dessert because of the custard. Just the right amount of sweetness to finish your meal.

Loukomades - fried dough soaked in honey and cinnamon syrup and with Greek Yogurt dip. This was my favorite of all the desserts that we tried. They are like donuts but dipped in yogurt. I appreciated its consistency and texture but I think this should go with a sweeter dip than a sour/tangy one. I would probably it them as they are and without the dips.

Baklava - layered filo pastry brushed with lamb butter with nuts sweetened by rosewater syrup. I'm not really a fan of baklava but I can eat them once in awhile. This was ok but I prefer the ones that are tailored to the Filipino palate as I find the authentic ones a little too oily.

Like always, I enjoyed my fix with Mediterranean cuisine. It's always a treat to pig out on dishes from that side of the world. The cozy atmosphere of Kos Greek Ouzeri with its yellow warm lights and blue and white interiors makes you imagine of Santorini and the great mediterranean breeze. It's a worth stop when you visit U.P. Town Center.

G/F, UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave.,
Diliman, Quezon City
Contact Nos: 287-1558 / 881-8466
0929-1194424 / 0965-4078134 
Email: kosgreek@yahoo.com
Website: www.kosgreek.com

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