June 15, 2019

5 Men’s Dressing Tips to Look Dapper at Work

The way you dress at work plays a crucial role in your professional success regardless of your place in the corporate hierarchy. Whether you’re a young newcomer brimming with enthusiasm or a seasoned professional with years of experience, smart dressing is part and parcel of succeeding in the modern workplace.

The good news is that you can spruce up your appearance with minimal effort by making slightly different wardrobe choices. To get you started, here are five tips that will help you nail a more dapper look at work.

Start wearing well-fitted outfits
The way an outfit sits on the contours of your body can make or break your look, which is why the best fashion experts stress so much on the cut and fit of everyday outfits. Ill-fitting clothes can make anyone look big, sloppy and careless, which is not the impression you want to create at work. 

Well-cut, form-fitting clothes not only make a person look sharp, but they also boost self-confidence and self-belief. Remember, however, that a good fit doesn’t mean skin-tight clothes that make you feel trapped. It simply means the clothes you wear are the right size and suited to your body type.

For instance, when you wear a suit, the jacket’s shoulder seam should sit at the top of your shoulder, its side seams should curve at the sides to drape your body and its length should end at your knuckles. Similarly, your pants should be a smart, slim fit but not too tight.

Throw away those deadbeat shoes
Men often tend to keep wearing the same shoes for years, many even forgetting to clean them before heading to work. You may not consider it a big deal, but your shoes don’t go unnoticed by anyone you meet, be it a client, your boss or a colleague - in fact, knackered or dirty shoes are an instant put off for customers, as they give an impression of callousness and lack of aesthetic.

A golden rule is to replace old work shoes as soon as they show signs of fatigue. In addition, have at least three good pairs and don’t go cheap when buying a new pair. Consider your work shoes an investment and wear quality shoes that are light, comfortable and stylish - and remember to have a matching belt to go with each pair.

Elevate your look discreetly with an undershirt
A good undershirt is a great investment that adds a discrete layer of sophistication to your dress shirts. If you’re not sure when and how to pair your work or party shirts with an undershirt, this quick and easy guide at https://ribbedtee.com/blog/post/5-rules-how-when-to-wear-an-undershirt/ will help you learn how to choose the right undershirt and how to wear it right.

While its primary function is to trap and evaporate sweat and prevent it from ruining your outerwear, a well-fitted undershirt does multiple other things for your body. For one, it prevents chest hair and nipples from peeking from under light-colored shirts. Second, a good undershirt in a breathable, form-fitting fabric compresses the body, giving you a better silhouette. And three, it helps your body cool down and helps manage stress sweat.

Invest in a good summer jacket
Wearing a jacket over a simple shirt and pants can instantly make you look dapper and slightly more formal. Invest in a well-cut blazer that can be paired equally well with work wear or t-shirt and chinos. This means you can be instantly ready for an unplanned client meeting even on a Friday.
When buying your first jacket, stick with a neutral color such as black, charcoal or the classic navy blue, and if you find one that fits like a dream, buy another one in a different color. Remember, you need professional clothes all year round, but you may not necessarily have the time to go shopping anytime soon.

Check how you smell
Smelling good at work is not the prerogative of your female colleagues. Particularly if you sweat a lot, it’s important to wear and carry a good (but not too strong) deodorant and to minimize moisture by wearing a good undershirt. In addition, wear weather-appropriate fabrics to minimize perspiration and invest in quality socks that won’t leave your feet stinking. The feel-good factor that comes with smelling nice will make a fine impression on those around you.

To sum up, if you make the right choices, you don’t have to try too hard to master the art of fine dressing. All you need is too good hygiene, an astute sense of style and the right clothing to execute a unique style statement.

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