June 6, 2019

Unli-Pasta and Homey Fusion Dishes at Chef Robert Greenhills

One fact that is true for all, is that food will always give emotional comfort. Studies show that the brain responds to happiness and stress relief by continuing to crave the same comfort foods. It may be emotional eating or you’re just craving for your favorite foods of your childhood; these nourishments provide some relief from negative moods or enhance a current elated feeling.

My comfort food are sinigang and caldereta. I always search for them whenever I’m feeling stressed as I believe these lessens some of my burdens or I just like to believe that they do. Sometimes, I crave for the same dishes for whenever I feel nostalgic or just feeling good overall, that I’m in the mood to cook or eat them. How about you? What comes to mind when you think of comfort food? Or where do you go to get them?

So, I recently discovered a restaurant that serves comfort food but with a twist: CHEF ROBERT. Since 2009, Chef Robert has been bringing comfort food at its finest. It was initially nestled in Banawe, Quezon City, but now it has found its new home at Annapolis Greenhills. Their new place is a small yet comfy space that will bring you the greatest range of comfort food at affordable prices. From pastas to Filipino classics and Asian favorites. Surely, Chef Robert has something to satisfy everyone's craving of food that triggers nostalgia

Here are some of the best-selling dishes that we tried at Chef Robert:

Mushroom Fritters - oyster mushrooms deep fried to crispy perfection and comes with a vinegar dip. At first, we didn’t know if they were pork or what, until Chef Robert and Sir Carlo told us that they are indeed mushrooms. I love mushrooms, I mean all the kinds that humans are allowed to eat. Even though the fritters have been sitting on the table for quite some time, the moment it was time to eat them, they were still crispy and tasty. They are not oily too! These fritters are quite addicting if I can say so myself.

Salad Rolls in Kani Mango Dressing - mango, crabstick, mayonnaise, mango puree, fish roe, carrots, cucumber, iceberg, rice wrapper. I love kani mango salad because of the nice play of sweet and sour flavors. This version of Chef Robert’s comes with a twist as they are served like fresh spring rolls. One of my top dishes that afternoon.

Bicol Express Pasta - pork, coconut milk, bagoong, spaghetti. This is one of Chef Robert’s fusion dishes which features Bicol’s famous dish and pasta. The moment this was placed on the table, its aroma easily captured our sensed. It smelled like a legit Bicol Express and if you will ask me about the taste, well, surprisingly it tasted great and wasn’t weird at all. Truly an innovative dish this is!

Crispy Kare-Kare - crispy lechon kawali served with kare-kare sauce and fermented shrimp paste. I considered this as two dishes because you can actually eat them separately. The lechon kawali was crispy and you can add the kare kare to soften the texture. The peanut sauce contains a handful of veggies in so if you want to eat healthy this can serve as your dish already. But combine the three: crispy lechon kawali, kare-kare sauce and fermented shrimp paste to enjoy it in its full glory.

Crispy Embutido with Egg - breaded creamy embutido served with garlic rice. Embutido is one of my lola’s specialty and she makes them from scratch. Nowadays, it’s hard to find OG embutido; as most of them are made for commercial or mass distribution with less the taste and ingredients unlike what our grandmas or moms used to make. Chef Robert’s version is homemade and resembles like nuggets as the embutido slices were distributed evenly and covered in panko/bread crumbs. When I bite into it, the taste and texture seriously took me back to my childhood as it was similar to what my grandma used to cook.

Bangus Sisig - a healthier alternative to enjoy a guilt free Pinoy delicacy can be ordered regular or spicy and can be ordered for bigger serving. Sisig can be considered as one of the comfort food that Filipinos always come back to, paired with rice or just a beer food. I liked their bangus sisig as it was really tasty, had a smoky flavor and didn’t had that unpleasant fishy taste or smell. One of my faves that day!

Tofu Sisig on Eggplant Torta - sisig style tofu on a bed of soft and savory eggplant torta. This dish is one my greatest hits as they are two of my favorite food items and together they are a blockbuster! The smoky flavor of the eggplant torta somehow gets infused into the tofu making it absolutely delectable. This was definitely on my top 3!

Alamang Fried Rice - stir-fried white rice with alamang, bagoong, scrambled egg and dried fish and is good for 3-4 people. Not many people like bagoong alamang (fermented shrimp paste); it’s an acquired taste really. But I’m telling you, this smoky stir-fried rice goes well with all the viands that we tried at Chef Robert. It’s a must try!

Coffee Jelly - coffee jelly with Nata de Coco, cream and a scoop of Vanilla ice cream. Chef Robert offer a couple of desserts and this is what we got to try. I don’t usually find nata de coco in a coffee jelly dessert, but those chewy coconut cubes were a good contrast to the soft coffee flavored jelly cubes.

If you’re curious as to what Chef Robert is offering, get on Facebook, like their page and get 10% off when you dine at their new place in Greenhills. If you also love pasta, you can eat all the Bicol Express Pasta, Linguini Alfredo and Chicken Parmesan Spaghetti to your heart's content with Chef Robert’s current UNLI PASTA for PHP 299 promo! If that’s not a good deal enough, wait there’s more! The Unli pasta promo comes with bottomless iced tea and single serving of coffee jelly!

I could describe my overall dining experience at Chef Robert as homey and cozy. With the atmosphere, the décor and the food, all elements combined, gave me a feeling of repose. It’s as if I had a complete afternoon with freedom from worries or problems. Just plainly enjoying myself, the company of good ‘ol friends and great tasting food.

#55 Annapolis St. Greenhills
San Juan City
Email: chef.robert@ymail.com

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