June 1, 2019

6 Tips to a Happy Wedding Day

For many, a wedding is an exceptionally joyous event, but several psychological factors come into play while approaching this significant life point. With the wedding requirements and practicalities fast piling up, it’s critical for you to focus on the larger picture, and hold certain values in your heart. Below are six tips that every couple should keep in mind, so they are well prepared for the wedding day.

Don’t Ignore Family Dynamics
Weddings are the perfect events for bringing people you love together for the celebration of love itself. Unfortunately, as relatives who haven’t seen each other in a while meet, it’s likely to ignite old family memories that aren’t always pleasant. This includes things like overprotective fathers, critical stepparents, or even jealous mothers.

Avoid Stress
The superficial pressure to ensure everything’s perfect as well as natural fears may leave you stressed before the wedding day. The practical concerns coupled with financial strains can cause stress in your everyday life. However, it’s important that you enjoy being with your partners; after all, you are doing all this because of him or her and they should be the most enjoyable part of the wedding process.

Don’t Let Fantasy Take Over You
Most times, the wedding day is treated like some fairytale where happy memories will automatically crown the day’s ceremony. Brides expect to be treated as princesses with happily ever after signs dotting all the venues. Instead, keep in mind that you shouldn’t over-emphasis on what the wedding should look like from the outside.

Don’t Get Carried Away by Form
It’s easy to get sucked into the frenzy that goes into choosing the perfect napkin color or food choice, which can distract you from other important life aspects, including your relationship. Planning a wedding makes it easy for couples to concentrate on the form and not the event content. Instead, you should commit yourself to thinking about what can bring you closer to your partner all through the day. For instance, when shopping for a gown at https://www.azazie.com/, think of the look your to-be-hubby will have on his face when you sees you in it. It’s all about creating a special memory that’s just for you, and that includes the little touches and looks you give each other during the wedding day!

Watch Out for Old Hurts
Marriage is a huge life milestone that signifies growing up and letting go of your inner kid. At the same time, it can also stir up fears that you are losing your identity, which can arouse existential fears. It’s critical that you are aware of such feelings and put in place mechanism that will help you cope with them.

Dealing with Insecurities
At times, the attention you receive during the process can feel good, but it can also be the cause insecurities. The pressure to look at your absolute best and ensure everyone around you is happy can make anyone doubt their own capabilities. This creates critical inner voices that can also cause individuals to be doubtful about their partners. The pre-wedding jitters result in inner voices that constantly question whether you have picked the right partner. Fortunately, you can combat such negative thoughts by acknowledging them, before disregarding them as the enemy within that’s trying to undermine the love and joy the relationship brings to your life.

Overall, in order to achieve the perfect wedding day, it’s vital that you appreciate, respect, and admire each other. While doing this, you will ensure that the marriage lasts for long even after the wedding ceremony and honeymoon are distant memories in the future. In fact, these tips will help you realize the real-life version of ‘happily ever after!’

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