June 5, 2019

Exploring the Magic of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Sydney’s eastern suburbs are one of the most amazing parts of this fabulous city. Situated between the pretty Rose Bay, offering stunning harbour views and Double Bay, famous for jewellery designers’ workshops, this location is bathed in sun from dawn to dusk. There is Rushcutters Bay, where you can hire a yacht or anchor your own and many great sporting events at Sydney Cricket Ground and Allianz Stadium in Moore Park. And the list goes on… So, what makes this part of Sydney so popular?

Bondi beach
It wouldn’t be fair to start with any other part of the suburbs than the internationally renowned Bondi beach. This crescent-shaped stretch of white marble sand and rolling waves symbolize the relaxed beach culture of the city. Bondi is just 8km from the city centre, so it comes as no surprise that it’s one of the busiest suburbs of Sydney. Apart from the beach, you can find a lot of cafes and restaurants, as well as nice promenades where you can enjoy the sunshine and laid-back attitude to life.

Another place that is known for its relaxed atmosphere, Coogee boasts the last remaining women’s and children’s ocean bath in Australia, McIvers Bath, located on the headland between Coogee Beach and Wylie’s Baths. Apart from bathing, you can enjoy a walk along a picturesque 6km-pathway between Coogee and Bondi. If you’re trying to get to Bondi, you’ll be able to enjoy lobster rolls and a pint of Australia’s best beer in one of many fine establishments along the route.

Little Bay
It’s difficult to refer to any part of any metropolis in the world as undiscovered, but Little Bay is probably as close as you can get to a hidden gem. Formed around Prince Henry Hospital over a century ago, this coastal site has been attracting the attention of realtors and house hunters. Logically, this suburb, nestled between Malabar and La Perouse, is the home of a great aged care program like Mark Moran Vaucluse, where highly trained professionals offer round-the-clock clinical support, as well as stability, security and peace of mind for their residents and their families.

Watsons Bay
Australia’s oldest fishing village, Watsons Bay, definitely deserves a mention. It is still a thriving inlet, attracting many visitors who enjoy breath-taking views and delicious seafood. You can take a ferry from Circular Quay across the famous Sydney Harbour to reach Watsons Bay, where you should definitely treat yourself to some lobster, fresh fish or prawns. Nudists will appreciate Lady Bay, while those visiting South Head will have an opportunity to marvel at the vistas of the Hornby Lighthouse.

Darling Point
This famous affluent suburb is all about grand estate homes, perfectly designed and maintained gardens and great views over the Harbour. It shares one side with Rushcutters Bay and its million-dollar yachts, which makes Darling Point perfect for sitting back and soaking up the serene surroundings of luxury. Needless to say, it is the home of some of the city’s wealthiest residents, which is why most young and successful entrepreneurs in the area are trying to get their hands on a property in this part of Sydney.

Sydney is certainly one of the most popular places in the world both for visiting and living in and there are many reasons for that. Finding a part of Sydney that offers everything that the city is famous for can be a tricky task, but we can conclude without a shadow of a doubt that Eastern Suburbs ticks all the boxes.

Apart from some of the most spectacular scenery, this part of Sydney offers such a wide range of dining establishments, bars and cafes, that you’re bound to find something to your liking. Last but not least, it’s one of rare parts of any metropolis that can offer anything from an addictive vibe coming from bustling Bondi to the peace and tranquillity provided by Little Bay. No wonder more and more people are looking into the option of spending some part of their lives here.

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