June 8, 2019

Helpful Tips About Your Wedding Hair and Makeup Trials

When coming up with the hair and makeup you want to wear on your wedding day, you will probably use some photos as inspiration. However, your look in the end might look completely different on the photograph that you drew the inspiration from and the concept in your mind. Not to mention that only when you actually see yourself in the mirror will you be able to say if that's exactly how you want to see yourself on your wedding day. That's why scheduling a hair and makeup trial is of great importance. You'll be able to make a final decision about your previously envisioned ‘do, as well as about your maquillage and make all the necessary changes to make you look fabulous on the big day.

Say yes to the dress first
Don't even think about scheduling a hair trial until you found your wedding gown. You may think that you want a sweetheart neckline and an A-line gown, but that ultimately may not be the choice you go with. That's why you shouldn't schedule a hair trial and have your gorgeous locks curled up when you may end up buying a dress with an open back that will require your hair to be slightly if not completely up in a bun so that you can flaunt that sexy backside.

Try out more than one look
You may think that you want a royal bun or your hair picked up on just one side and slightly curled, but once a hairstylist makes the hairdo, there's a big chance you won't like what you see. Maybe, your face shape wasn't cut out for that type of style or you'd prefer if your hair was straight instead of curled. Whatever the case, always have a backup plan. Don't stick just to one hairstyle but look for various different options. The same goes for your makeup choice. Feel free to ask for advice from the makeup artist because they will know for sure whether your eyes go well with green eyeshadow tones, for example, or if the lipstick you chose would flatter your skin tone or not.

Do your research well
If you don't know which makeup artist and hairstylist to choose, you need to do thorough research on all the hair salons and beauty studios that you have as options. It's essential that you pick a hair salon with experienced hairstylists who only order from top-quality hair and beauty supply stores. You can't risk having damaged hair on your wedding day or even for months after, so make sure you check all the online reviews and ask around if any of your friends may have had experience with the people you want to hire.

Go to the hair appointment with clean hair
You should go to the hair trial with clean hair, so make sure you wash it the night before. That way, it'll be perfectly ready for any curling and styling because all the moisture will evaporate by the time you need to have it curled. That's crucial because if you start using a curling iron on hair that has still retained moisture from washing, you risk damaging the hair follicle. Go makeup-free on your makeup trial as well. You'll get all the skin prepping at the appointment.

Choose appropriate clothes
Button-down blouses, shirts or sweaters are the safest options for hair and makeup trials. This is especially true if you have a few errands to run afterwards or show up somewhere else but you need to change your clothes. You don't want to risk staining your pullover top with makeup or ruin your hair by trying to get out of it.

Preparing for wedding hair and makeup trials will require a few easy steps that will make all the fuss about the appointments so much easier. Just make sure you look for experienced people and you'll look fabulous.

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