June 23, 2019

Slabber's: Smoked Rib House & Chicken Wings - Century Mall

I rarely find myself in Makati nowadays but it used to be part of my daily life in the past; that is because I used to work in the heart of the Makati CBD and rented an apartment in the neighboring city of Mandaluyong. But at the present time, I barely know what’s new and what’s not in this city. I only go there if I need to attend to something important or an event.

The last time I was in Makati was when I did a weekend staycation with my friends at City Garden Hotel Makati. While we waited for our other friends, we decided to have a late lunch and my friends suggested we check out Century Mall since it’s just a few blocks away. I’ve only set foot in this mall twice or thrice but never got to explore the stores or restos inside.

We headed up to the fourth floor where Hole in the Wall is located. This food hall houses a couple food brands that can satisfy just about anyone’s cravings. We looked around and was enticed by one space that offers U.S. Southern comfort including chicken wings, BBQ ribs, an array of side dishes and drinks: Slabbers - Smoked Rib House and Chicken Wings.

What they are offering greatly appealed to four famished women with huge appetites packed in petite bodies. So, we ordered a total of 24 pieces of chicken wings, 4 servings of their 6-piece basket and we got them in the following flavors: Garlic Parmesan, Classic Buffalo, Salt and Pepper and Smoked. The garlic parmesan was easily everyone’s favorite. The three other flavors were equally delicious too.


If it’s not obvious enough that we ordered so much already, well guess what, besides those chicken wings, we also got ourselves 2 servings of Baby Back Ribs Half (with coleslaw and sweet potato fries), 4 servings of Garlic Rice, a plate of Mashed Potato with gravy and a pitcher of Iced Sweet Tea. That was A LOT wasn’t it? But hey, don’t judge us! Hahaha! Girls gotta eat and that’s just how things are!

Baby Back Ribs Half

Iced Sweet Tea 

Mashed Potatoes

We devoured those things like a tornado sweeping through a town. It’s not only because we were way too hungry but because those ribs were really good and tender, fall-off-the-bones tender! The mashed potato was great too, it was smooth and creamy. I have never drunk sweet tea but I always hear about it from my former S.O. because he really liked it. It was sweeter than a regular iced tea but with a distinct aftertaste.

We left that place with smiles on our faces and bellies full. I don’t know if we were just “that” hungry, or we were just a bunch voracious females, but one thing I know and can honestly say that I enjoyed that lunch and the all the laughs that went with it.

Hole in the Wall, 4F, Century City Mall,
Kalayaan Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City
Contact Nos: 02 9586554

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