June 19, 2019

Kebomb: Pocket-Friendly Persian/Mediterranean Cuisine

Japanese and Mediterranean fares are the top two of my fave cuisines in the whole wide world. And I consider Persian/Mediterranean dishes as one of the foods that I search comfort from. For some reason, I love eating them when I’m stressed out. I don’t know why but they calm me down; the strong flavors distract me perhaps or maybe I just love to eat way too much. I dunno…

But I think you might have noticed it too that most of the Persian/Mediterranean restaurants in Manila are quite expensive. This is maybe because some of these restaurants use ingredients that are directly sourced from the Middle East to get those authentic flavors. It would commonly cost 300 bucks and above for decent Mediterranean meal. Any less than that sometimes the flavor and quality will be compromised. That, until I learned about Kebomb.

Kebomb is a fast-food restaurant serving quality and affordable Persian/Mediterranean fusion cuisine born out of the owners’ love for the said cuisine. They also wanted to help bring familiarity of this type of food to a broader reach. Because come to think of it, this cuisine isn’t really something familiar to a lot of Filipinos. The place is just like any other fast-food with little to no frills with the interior as people who regularly eat are employees who when during their lunch breaks come, seat, eat and then leave.

As for their food, it may be tailored to the Filipino palate, lesser bold spices and all but the owners make sure that the quality is and will never be compromised. I was surprised to find out that they use imported meats from Australia, U.S. and Brazil and spices like turmeric in their dishes. All those and their meals are priced at very very affordable prices. I mean seriously, their hummus is priced at less around PHP 50? Their kebab meals at around PHP100 to 200? That’s a value you can’t beat!

So here are the dishes from Kebomb that my friends got to enjoy last weekend:

Beef Kebomb - two sticks of flame-grilled ground beef kebab, two pieces of grilled tomatoes, plain rice and butter. Despite that Kebomb is considered a fast-food restaurant I like that the taste of their kebabs are not compromised. Their kebabs don’t taste like they have extenders, which is a really great thing.

Chicken Kebab - two sticks of flame-grilled chicken kebab, two pieces of grilled tomatoes, plain rice and butter. I would usually go for beef kebabs but this time around, I actually prefer this over the beef kebab. I dunno probably I was in the mood for chicken that day.

Shawarma Rice with Cheese - turmeric flavored rice, with beef strips, chopped veggies topped with yogurt-garlic sauce and cheese. Already a meal in itself or you can add some kebabs too. Love all the flavors I here, sweet, tangy, salty. And the cheese was a very nice touch.

Hummus - Mediterranean dip/spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic. Kebomb’s hummus was ultra-smooth, creamy, dreamy and light. Can you believe that this serving is already good for 2-3 persons and is only priced at 49 pesos!?

Keema - minced beef meat with curry. One of my favorite Mediterranean food is the Keema. I love how this has a distinctive combination of spices that tastes well with the ground beef.

KeemaDilla - ground meat/keema with quick melt cheese wrapped in pita bread. Although, this is not a traditional Mediterranean dish but more of like an innovative fusion idea of the owners. These little pockets of heaven were so good I couldn’t get enough of them. Can I just say that this was my favorite among all the items that we tried at Kebomb. Sorry kebab, sorry keema. Also, for eight pieces it’s only PHP 79! My goodness, if Kebomb is just near where I work, this is probably my lunch every freakin’ day!

Chicken Skewer - flamed grilled prime chicken cuts and assorted vegetables served with turmeric-flavored rice. Loved the flavors from this chicken skewer as the spices were pretty distinct and really goes well with the turmeric rice. I prefer this over the chicken kebab.

Kebomb Burger – flame-grilled spiced beef burger patty on a black charcoal bun topped with veggies and cheese then served with fries. Being a not such a fan of burgers, this was ok for me. The patty was juicy and flavorful, loved the smoky flavor too!

Kebomb is open from 11am to 2am during weekdays and until 12mn during weekends as it caters to those working late in and around Eastwood. They also do deliveries, as for the details for that, do check out their Facebook page or give them a call. I seriously enjoyed my visit at Kebomb, not only that I got to get a fix of my fave Persian/Mediterranean favorites, I also got to share them with my friends. Definitely recommending this place to friends and family. And most definitely going back to try their other offerings!

>> Lamp Quarters, Gil Fernando Avenue,
Santo Niño, Marikina City
>> Intrepid Plaza, E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue,
Libis, Quezon City
Contact Nos: 09569781805 / 09954192912

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile:
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