June 27, 2019

Yummy Tokyo: Yummiest Ramen in Town Under 200 Bucks!

I’m not someone who’s fond of the rainy season because I hate the cold and the gloomy weather. I can never say “the cold never bothered me anyway” because it does bothers me. But yes, I love when it’s raining if I can get to sleep in during the sweater weather and eat any hot steaming dish. It’s just a warming experience to be able to eat something like ramen while the rain pours outside.

Just last weekend, I got to experience something like that except that I was out and about and trekking from BGC to QC for some good ramen experience while the sky was crying non-stop. The moment I woke up it was already raining and this kind of weather somehow slows me down. I mean, it’s harder to move and if I had a choice, I would stay in bed all day.

I met up with friends in BGC afterwards went to QC late in the afternoon with another friend for a Ramen-Tasting event at Yummy Tokyo in Maginhawa Quezon City. There are so many restaurants in Maginhawa and some of them offer ramen, but what is it about this fairly new brand that sets them apart?

Yummy Tokyo took a lot of years for the founders to build, going back and forth with their decision to put up this ramen place. For Chef Jin Chiba and his local Filipino partners their passion finally got the better of them and made their dream business into reality. They are a Japanese food business, serving scrumptilicious ramen and onigiri to young and on-the go Filipinos. Their goal is to provide affordable Japanese flavors with a local twist.

If you guys have been visiting and reading my blog, you well know by now that Japanese food is on top of my fave cuisines list. But if I’m going to be honest, ramen is not my top one in all of the Japanese food that I’ve ever came across with. Yet, I’m slowly finding some fondness for it, especially that the current weather beckons me to crave for it.

We tried 5 of the ramen offerings of Yummy Tokyo, complete with information as to where that type of ramen originated from and how the noodles, soup and other ingredients influenced these various types of ramen.

Miso Ramen – known in Sapporo and Hokkaido with a miso base and medium thick noodles. Noodles in a creamy, nutty and hearty miso soup topped with a slice of chasu and half aji tamago. This is probably the most basic of all the ramen at Yummy Tokyo, but I gotta say this was my favorite among all the ones that we tried. The taste of the broth is just the right amount of perfect for me.

Tantanmen –  known in the northen prefecture and originated in China as dandanmen. This has a miso, sesame and peanut base broth. Noodles in a reddish, spicy chili and sesame soup topped with chasu and half aji tamago. I've tried Tantanmen from other ramen places and I kinda dig it because of the peanut flavor. This version of Yummy Tokyo is more on the spicy side and I wish it has more peanut flavor that is pronounced.

Curry Ramen - popular in Aomori, Honshu prefectures miso based with medium thick noodles. Noodles in a creamy Japanese curry soup topped with a slice of chasu and half aji tamago. The broth in this ramen will warm you right up, it's thick, savoury and delicious.

Cold Ramen – originated in Tokyo and Honshu prefectures with shoyu based broth with thin noodles. Noodles in a cold shoyu soup topped with chicken strips, corn and cucumber strips. This ramen is so interesting and perfect for the curious and adventurous ones! ⁣This reminds me of a kani salad. A suggest you give it a try!

Tonkotsu – from Fukuoka and Kyushu prefectures with pork bones broth with thin noodles. Noodles in a savory pork bones soup topped with a slice of chasu and half aji tamago. The broth of this ramen is so thick and creamy. If you like a very sharp flavor for ramen this is your go-to.

Seafood – from Nagasaki prefecture with scallops-based broth with thin noodles. Noodles in savory scallop-based soup topped with cabbage strips, kani sticks and narutomaki. I love the flavor of this ramen, it really tastes like seafood and the broth is thick and creamy.

Besides ramen, Yummy Tokyo also offers gyoza and onigiri. We tried their spicy onigiri and it was good. Also, here's a wonderful news, they also offer Ramen Kits! Each kit contains Yummy Tokyo's handcrafted ramen noodles, signature broth pastes, chashu, and chopsticks. You can now enjoy the full and rich flavor of their ramen right at the comfort of your home!

Another great thing at Yummy Tokyo is their UNLI RAMEN promo! With the Unli Ramen promo you can eat as much ramen you want for only 399 pesos. You can ask for more toppings, more noodles and more broth as much as you can stuff in your tummy!

103 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village,
Quezon City
Contact Nos: 09151737573
Email: hello@yummytokyo.com 
Website: www.yummytokyo.com 

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
Yummy Tokyo Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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