June 7, 2019

New Dishes from Tori Chizu - U.P. Town Center

Chizu is a Japanese word that means a thousand storks and the stork plays an interesting role in Japanese arts and culture. It can have a variety of meanings depending on how it was depicted in a story, a historical record, and more. In many East Asian countries, the stork is believed to represent prosperity and longevity. It is also a symbol of grace, wisdom, and luck. On the other hand, in Western cultures, stork is known to symbolize birth and new life and are sometimes included in fictional stories depicting that the stork brings in babies for expecting parents.

Another meaning of chizu is cheese. I am not sure if this meaning is a gairaigo or Japanese loan word from English (or a Japanized English word) but as far as my research went it kind of looks like it is. I am not sure why Scottland Incorporated decided to name one of their restaurants as such (the are also the ones behind Go Bento and Bon Chon) but based on the articles I’ve read Tori Chizu literally means “chiken” and “cheese”.

Chicken is not the majority of dishes at Tori Chizu but a lot of their offerings have cheese sauce in them. And cheese is my kryptonite, like seriously! So I was pretty sure I will love Tori Chizu’s dishes, you know… because cheese! They also serve modern fusion modern Japanese food including baked rice meals (doria), pastas, fried chicken, hambagu steaks, donburis, katsudons, gyudons, bentos, ramens, sandwiches, fries, mazemens and desserts. And recently they added three new dishes:

Chicken Karaage Chizu Bowl - crisp shell surrounding juicy chicken cutlets topped with cheese sauce and served with Japanese cabbage salad.

Beef Chizu Bowl - Japanese stir fried beef strips topped with cheese sauce and served with Japanese cabbage salad.

Chicken Katsu Curry Chizu Bowl - deep fried panko breaded chicken thigh, usually butterflied, sliced into bite-sized pieces or strips. Topped with Japanese curry and cheese sauce.

Besides these NEW DISHES, we also got to try the other best-sellers from Tori Chizu: 

Baked Pasta with Egg - spaghetti pasta with tomato sauce topped with cheese and egg. 

Chicken Racks – Japanese style fried chicken in Umami (plain) and spicy flavors.

Cheese Soft-Served Cheese Ice Cream - light cheese flavored soft served ice cream in Double Cheese (with cheese bits) and and Ube Macapuno (ube bits and sweetened macapuno). Can be serve in a cone, cone cup and cup. 

I liked all the new dishes, because duh, cheese! But among the three my fave was the chicken karaage as this was the most flavorful and the meats were really tender with a crispy coating with just the right amount of saltiness. Of all the dishes, the Baked Pasta with Egg was my least favorite, the tomato sauce was too sur for me and I was kind of weirded out with the sunny side up egg mixed into it. I don’t know it’s just that it’s not my thing. 

As for the fried chicken, I really liked the Umami variant as the coating was really crispy and the chicken meat is tender and juicy. The Spicy was too spicy for me as I have very low tolerance to spicy food. And lastly, the cheese soft served ice cream was really good! I’ve already tried this at Go Bento and I loved it then and I still oved it now. Personally, I prefer the plain one. I tried the ube macapuno as I love these two things. It was ok for me. I guess I still prefer basic flavor, it’s simpler yet really satisfying. 

GF, UP Town Center,
Diliman, Quezon City
Contact Nos: 02 2469069 ext:327
Email: rgarcia@torichizu.com.ph

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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