June 3, 2019

Dong Juan Marikina - Burgers, Pasta, Pizza and More

Cebu is known as the Queen City of the South not only because of its rich history, its many tourists spots, beautiful beaches and lovely people but also because it’s a culinary paradise as well. Some of Manila’s great restaurants have its origins in Cebu and I just visited one of them at Lamp Quarters in Marikina – Dong Juan.

I’m from the East but I’ve never been to Lamp Quarters until last weekend. Lamp Quarters is a beautiful food park except that it houses full blown restaurants rather than food stalls. Why haven’t I been here before? The moment I stepped on the compound all I can say is that “Ang ganda naman dito!” (It’s so pretty here!).

One of the really nice restaurants you would find inside the compound is Dong Juan. It was established in 2007 in Cebu with a menu that they are proud of since they made sure it will represent quality and quantity merged together. Dong Juan serves burger, pizza, pasta with a fusion of other Cebuano dishes.

The place has a homey atmosphere with some shabby chic décor and huge glass windows letting in natural light all day. It’s a place where you can go to as part of your week where you can get to enjoy the food with friends and family. Check out what I tried when I visited:

Dong Juan Burger - quarter pounder patty made of USDA beef. The buns are soft are fresh. What I noticed about the burgers from Dong Juan is how thick their patties are. Their beefy and juicy too!

Ultimate Bacon Burger - quarter pounder patty made of USDA beef topped with bacon. I love bacon, so I liked this better than the other burger. They have the same thickness for the beef patty.

Beef Tips - US rib eye beef on a sizzling plate. The beef strips are super tender, but I found the sauce a little bit salty for my liking. I think this should be paired with hot steamy rice hehe.

Spicy Shrimp in Crab Roe - shrimps with sauce made of crab roe on a sizzling plate. I like this dish as I like seafood a lot, another dish that I think should be paired with rice.

Asian Style Pork Knuckles - Dong Juan’s version of Crispy Pata and definitely good for sharing. The skin is crispy, and the meat is tender. Perfect with beer but eat and drink in moderation.

Native Cebu Chorizo Pasta - linguine pasta with Cebu Chorizzo pasta and tomato sauce. The sourness of the sauce is balanced by the sweet-salty chorizo.

Gambas Al Ajillo Pasta - linguine pasta with shrimps and topped with Bonito flakes. A simple pasta dish cloaked in garlic-infused olive oil with smoky hints of paprika.

Linguine Meatballs - linguine pasta with meatballs and tangy Marinara sauce. The sauce is on the tangy side.

Chili Wings - a staple appetizer, tender and juicy deep-fried chicken wings with sweet, sour spicy sauce.

Calamares - coated and deep-fried squid rings. The coating had a good crisp and the squid wasn’t tough

Popeye Shrimps - coated shrimps then deep-fried. These were tender, juicy shrimps and with golden crunchy coating. Anything shrimp or prawn, count me in!

Hawaiian Oven Baked Pizza - oven baked pizza dough topped with ham, cheese, olives and pineapple chunks. I have no qualms when it comes to pineapple on pizza. I kind of like it as it gives a burst of sweet and sour flavor with every bite.

Pepperoni Oven Baked Pizza - oven baked pizza dough topped with cheese and pepperoni sausages. I liked how overloaded with cheese this pizza is and that the crust isn’t too thick.

Bacon & Mushroom Oven Baked Pizza - oven baked pizza dough topped with bacon pieces, and mushroom

Cheesecake - creamy & tangy cheese dessert and served with coffee. Dong Juan’s cheesecake is smooth and legit. You can order this ala carte or with coffee.

Belgian Chocolate Cake - smooth and decadent chocolate cake using Belgian chocolate cake and served with coffee. I like that this wasn’t too sweet.

By the way, Dong Juan always has ongoing promos especially during Holidays. So if you’re from the East or live nearby why not pay a visit to Lamp Quarters and check out what Dong Juan has to offer and what current promo they are currently running.

Lamp Quarters, Gil Fernando Avenue,
Santo Niño, Marikina City
Contact Nos: +63 9177095969
Email: dongjuanmrkna@gmail.com
Website: www.dongjuan.ph

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
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