June 10, 2019

Dark Coffee Specialty Coffee - SM North EDSA

In this time and age when coffee fuels the soul of almost every living person in the world, do you still know anyone who doesn’t drink coffee? For those you know who do, do you have an idea as to what type of coffee they prefer? I remember how my former S.O. would always joke around whenever I asked him how he likes his coffee. He would always respond: “I like my coffee dark, just like my soul.” He just thinks that he has that, but he is the opposite of a dark soul, he was nothing but a lovely creature. As for me, I love the bitter sweet kind, it’s not that my soul is bitter sweet, but my life is, I guess.

Anyhoo, speaking of dark and coffee, I discovered this café named Dark Specialty Coffee during one of the rare times that I found myself in SM North EDSA. You can find it in the main (and oldest) building of the SM North EDSA mall complex, near the cinemas and the walkway to the parking building. It is somehow interconnected with the store beside it which is Onesimus, (looks like this well-known brand that makes and retails barongs, suits and formal wear for men has also ventured in the food and beverage sector). Both of which are owned by the same company, yes.

Dark Specialty Coffee is an original Filipino brand serving single-origin coffee and chocolate drinks sourced from all over the Philippines and other countries. Dark supports local agriculture by sourcing coffee beans, cacao tablea and tea leaves from small farms in the Philippines. They also sell some of those products in store. Besides their quality coffee offerings, they also offer food items which all goes well with the beverages on their menu.

Their space is a little dim with warm yellow lights ideal for a chill atmosphere with wooden furniture and dark earth tones color scheme. I noticed that the legs of their tables look like the stands of old sewing machines, which is I think the cafe's ode to its mother company Onesimus.

We tried various drinks from Dark’s menu, ranging from hot to cold, coffee to tea. Toasted Coconut Caramel Blended, Matcha Green Blended, Iced Mocha, Over Ice Traditional Chocolate, Lemongrass Peach Pear Iced Tea, Hot Cafe Mocha and the basic Flat White.

Among those drinks, the stand out for me was the Iced Mocha. Not that I am biased to iced mochas because I like my coffee cold and bitter sweet. It’s just that its flavor was really intense and that I liked how the nutty aftertaste lingers in my taste buds. The Over Ice Traditional Chocolate, Hot Cafe Mocha and the Flat White were all ok.

The Matcha Green Blended for me was too intense, ok I’m not a fan of matcha but the matcha flavor in this drink is just too bold. But if you’re crazy for matcha, then I would recommend it to you. I like the combination of their iced tea; it was just that the lemongrass flavor was overpowering all that in the drink. The Toasted Coconut Caramel Blended was more on the coconut-y and sweet caramel taste and the coffee flavor was kinda lost in all of it. Either way, I find this as a really nice drink.

We also tried some of their savoury offerings which included Fajitas - chicken, 3 mushrooms and beef and Empanadas - mushroom and basil. I enjoyed all of them but I liked the 3 mushrooms fajita over all of them.

Now for the sweets, we tried several of their cookies and cakes. For the Cookies, we tried the Cherry Dark, Chocolate Chip, Cranberry White, and Dark and White. Among the four flavors of the cookies, I liked the Dark and white which contained cream cheese. Their cookies are huge, chunky and chewy.

As for the Cakes, we tried Cream Cheese, German Chocolate, Carrot and Red Velvet. Some of the cakes aren’t that moist as I would like them to be. The ones that were remarkable to me was the carrot cake and the cream cheese.

All in all, I enjoyed our visit at Dark Specialty Coffee especially that I got to catch up with friends over good coffee drinks and snacks. I would likely go back for Dark’s coffee-based drinks and for those cookies. If you’re from the North you could give this café a try and the other merchandise that they offer on their shelves.

2F, Main Building, SM City North EDSA,
Bago Bantay, Quezon City
Contact Nos: +63 9257302788
Email: darkcoffeeph@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/darkcacaoandcoffee

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