June 24, 2019

Walk Down The Aisle with Wedding Dresses fit for a Princess

The trend for wedding dresses 2019 is old world is new again in the form of embellishments that are fresh, huge splash of color, and other statement details that pack a punch. Think about the word regal and that is what this year’s wedding trend is all about.

Royal weddings happened last year, from Meghan Markle to Prince Harry and the Queen of England’s other grandchild, Princess Eugenie. Their wedding dresses were simple but regal and were created by large fashion houses known in the fashion industry.

And there’s an overflow of those wedding dresses fit for a princess this 2019. Just like the ones that debuted on the runway during the last fashion weeks in France, Italy and New York. Puff sleeves, ruffles, laces and confection-like skirts were present in most of those dresses.

A lot of them also are Victorian-inspired or Marie Antoinette for that ultra-romantic formal affair. Gone were the days of rustic and Bohemian theme for 2019. We are moving way way back in history. And it’s ok, you have all the reasons to feel like royalty or a princess on your wedding day. Because it’s your day and it only happens once (well, hopefully!)

Check out these wedding dresses that I found on Babyonlinedress UK that will fit this trend and category:

Go on, feel like a princess or a queen, you deserve it on your wedding day!

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