June 14, 2019

New Hip Place in the Heart of San Juan: Araullo Gastropub

Beyond the highly exclusive villages and the ever-famous Greenhills Shopping Center, did you know that the city of San Juan played an important role in history? The city is known historically for the site of the first battle of the Katipunan, during the 1896 Philippine Revolution against the Spanish Empire. Notable landmarks today such as Pinaglabanan Shrine and heritage homes are located in the city.

Aside from being a major shopping hub, unbeknownst to many, San Juan is also one of the premier dining destinations in Metro Manila. It may seem that the prominence of this area has somewhat diminished throughout the year, as establishments have come and go in Greenhills and Wilson St. But if you venture out of the mainstream area of the city, and go to the heart of it, you will actually find some hidden gems.

Just like this fairly new restaurant in the serene neighborhood of Additional Hills named Araullo Gastropub. Named after the street it is on and nestled among huge homes surrounded by towering concrete hedges, Araullo  is a place where sophistication meets comfort. It offers a variety of tastes and aims to give you the best restaurant experience. You will definitely leave with your plates empty and your bellies full.

From the outside, the restaurant is unassuming with plain, simple and minimal façade. But once you enter, inside is a huge open space with a hip, urban and industrial design. Its raw, rough, and down-to-earth aesthetic and splashed with colors using huge murals makes it altogether visually appealing and pretty cozy.

The menu consists of international dishes including fusion and other innovative ones. They also offer an array of cocktails, wines and other alcoholic beverages. Below are what we go to try when we visited Araullo:

Kale Salad - shredded kale leaves, tossed in creamy grana padano cheese dressing with croutons. Raw kale can be bitter and too chewy from what I can remember. But I completely fell for this salad as the shredded kale wasn’t bitter at all and the creamy grana pagano cheese was on the tangy side balancing the bitter flavor of the kale. The texture is amazing too even without the croutons. I seriously enjoyed this salad!

Baby Squid - deep-fried crunchy baby squid smothered with our secret recipe of sweet-soy chili sauce. These were crispy and well plated. But I gotta say that the sauce was quite salty for me. This was my least favorite of all the dishes served nonetheless it was good.

Gambas - market-fresh prawns, pan seared with toasted garlic. I’ve never come across a shrimp that I didn’t like (well except if we’re talking figuratively haha!) I love everything about this dish, the garlic flavor was distinct but not over powering.

Porchetta - fried pork belly, with squash puree, shimeji and cherry tomatoes. What a huge chunk of meat this was. It had crisp, crackling skin, almost melting fat and tender meat.

JT Burger - 1/2 pound Angus beef patty, truffle mayo, brie, foie gras and brioche bun. One of the thickest burger patties I have ever seen my entire life. I’m not really into burgers but this one has my thumbs up! The patty is not that flavorful in my opinion probably to balance the whole burger out as it has so many layers of flavors in it brought about by the truffle mayo, brie cheese and foie gras. Can I just say how much I love the brioche bun as it was so soft and tasty, and I loved that it has absorbed the truffle oil and that was divine.

Truffle Pasta - spaghetti with truffle cream sauce, mushroom and topped with poached egg. I have nothing but love with this pasta. It looks simple but is so flavor-packed!

Ribeye Steak, Full and Cooked Medium Rare - this is 650g US Prime Beef seared to perfection. This dish, OMG, this is just a showstopper! This crowd-pleasing steak was juicy, tender and so flavorful! Double thumbs up on this!

Coconut Pandan Soufflé - fragrant pandan, coconut and rum

Brownie A la Mode - brownie topped with vanilla ice cream

Looking for a new place to chill with great food offerings? Why not try Araullo Gastropub. It’s an unassuming hipster place but can cater all ages. They also have bands playing on certain days and some of their alcoholic are on discount during Happy Hour: UNLI Cocktails for 799 every Tuesdays and UNLI Wine for 699 every Thursdays! I highly recommend this place!

83 Araullo Street, Addition Hills,
San Juan City
Contact Nos: 02 2469069 ext:804
02 2866812

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile:
Araullo Gastropub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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