June 12, 2019

A Guide on Nightlife in Siargao

Siargao is indeed a paradise for those who love nightlife. One of the most laidback and paradisiacal islands, the island is getting increasingly famous for its nightlife. Well known as a surfing hotspot and for the motorcycle adventures, Siargao distinguishes itself from other islands because of the adventurous nighttime activities. There is always something or the other going on here – parties, events, live music, deejays, and more. Take advantage of flights to Siargao promo and book yourself a flight to this haven for nightlife fun and thrills.


Discover Siargao’s nightlife and experiences here are indeed going to be a special part of your life forever. Do not miss the chance to know what it is like to dance and party in Siargao and all you need to do is confirm your booking on Philippines airlines online booking platform. You will love mixing with the locals and other travelers who fly here every day. The atmosphere is pretty relaxed here, and it seems as if everybody knows everybody here. Although you might come across the same people plus new visitors every night, the night is not the same.


Here are some of the best nightlife spots in Siargao:

Offshore Bar – What makes this spot a popular is the tight-knit expat community. Enjoy, soft-serve ice cream and cheap beer plus billiards. The excitement is even higher on the rugby and football nights. You will simply love the biggest burgers and cold beers in a super chilled atmosphere. Treat your taste buds to serve ice cream with sprinkles, frozen yogurt, and chocolate dip.

Jungle Disco – You must visit the disco on Tuesday and Friday nights as they are the most happening. Mix with the locals, the expats, and other travelers and let your hair down as you party until the wee hours on the dirt dance floor. The spot is situated deep in the jungle, and there are three options for you, Jungle Juice pitchers, Tanduay coca-cola and Red Horse Beer. Get ready for a crazy experience altogether in Siargao. 

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Pagoda - Pagoda is another favorite beachfront bar where one can enjoy those Full Moon Parties and other events. Dance to the music as you feel the cool breeze from the ocean at night on your skin. Monday Funday is the most exciting day for those who are the partying type. 

Rum Bar- Monday, Wednesday and Saturday nights are the most happening here in the Rum Bar. Being here means enjoying a memorable time in Siargao and Monday Madness is the right way to start your holiday. It is one of the most popular hangouts for dancing, socializing, and drinking. You feel completely relaxed and chilled because of those vibes you get from this place. And you will simply love their Japanese food and an impressive menu.

c/o www.kermitsiargao.com

Harana - Harana would make you feel like a guest at a friend’s house. The architecture of the resort and its interiors spell of warmth and inclusion. It is an ideal spot for those acoustic nights, and you can watch the local designers, food vendors, and artists gather here for a fun-filled night. You will be served high-quality cocktails and cold beverages, plus the best food on the island.

Kermit - The surf resort is well known for their happy hours and an exquisite food menu. Nothing could better than surfing the whole day and unwinding at night at this cozy bar with a drink in your hand and gazing at the sunset. The in-house restaurant and bar serves mouth-watering pizzas and fresh juices. Fridays are the happy hour until the bar closes. 

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