June 9, 2019

Affojeans - Manila's Affogato

I love coffee and I couldn’t reiterate enough how much important it is to me. Clinically speaking, I don’t think caffeine still has any effects on me physiologically. I guess drinking several cups of coffee a day made me immune to caffeine that it doesn’t really work its magic on me now unlike before. Nowadays it’s more of a psychological effect. But I still couldn’t skip drinking at least 1 cup after I roll out of bed. Whatever it is my relationship with coffee, it still is the fuel of my soul.

I like my coffee bitter sweet, but I’m always up for trying other variants. I don’t know if you have heard of affogato? I’ve come across it in the past but I’m kind of confused as to where it falls. Is it a dessert? Is it coffee? Though restaurants and cafes in Italy categorize the affogato as a dessert, some restaurants and cafes outside Italy categorize it as a beverage.

Wikipedia says that an affogato which is an Italian word for "drowned". Affogato is an Italian coffee-based dessert wherein It usually takes the form of a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream topped or "drowned" with a shot of hot espresso. Some variations also include a shot of amaretto, Bicerin, and sometimes, liqueur.

In the Philippines the same dilemma falls, but most of the establishments who served affogato put it in the category of coffee. Yet there’s this brand called Affojeans in SM North EDSA ruminate it more as a dessert. Affojeans consider itself as a dessert station and also known as Manila's Affogato. Affojeans serves decadent combinations of premium ice cream and hot espresso.

We have seen some of our friends try it out and got curious. It’s very unusual for me to trek all the way up North, but since I was gonna meet some friends for a couple of foodie meet ups later that afternoon, we decided to pay Affojeans a visit. They offer 7 variants but we decided to only try their 4 best sellers and they are as follows:

AffoShot - Affojean’s take on the classic affogato. Vanilla ice cream, 30 ml shot of freshly brewed espresso and topped with a chewy brownie cube. This was traditional; the sweet ice cream and bitter espresso balanced out each other producing a creamy byproduct.

Black Panda - made with mocha ice cream, mixed with crushed pieces Oreos, 30 ml shot of freshly brewed espresso and topped with an Oreo cookie. For me, this variant has the most intense flavors due to the combination of the mocha, chocolate and coffee. To be honest this was least of my favorite because it was quite too sweet for me. The flavor of the ice cream overpowered the coffee, IMO.

Caramello - made with vanilla ice cream, salted caramel sauce, topped with walnuts and 30 ml shot of freshly brewed espresso. This was the top two on my list. After everything gets mixed and the ice cream has melted, it’s like you’re eating/drinking a caramel macchiato drink yet way creamier.

Avococo - made with creamy avocado ice cream, 30 ml shot of freshly brewed espresso and topped with desiccated coconut bits. For some reason, this took the number one spot among the four variants that we tried. You might think the combination of avocado and coffee is weird and I agree with you. But this affogato combo proved me wrong. It was surprisingly and overwhelmingly good. You gotta try it!

The other affogato flavors are: Matchago (matcha affogato), Cinna-Bun (cold cinnamon bun) and Tiramisu (chocolate and cheesecake). Affojeans uses freshly brewed coffee beans sourced from Baguio. Besides their affogato offerings, they also sell Cold Brew Floats in 3 flavors: Cherry Blossom, New York Cheesecake and Affo Cold Brew. I’m curious how the other affogatos taste and those cold brews too. I would likely drop by, if whenever I find myself in this side of Metro Manila.

Upper Ground Floor, Main Building,
SM City North EDSA, Bago Bantay, Quezon City
Facebook: facebook.com/affojeansmanilasaffogato
Instagram: instagram.com/affojeans.manilasaffogato

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile:
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